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SeedMax® Hopper Bins

Meridian’s SeedMax® is a package of our SmoothWall Bins designed specifically with optimal clearance to store any type of dry flowable seed product.  SeedMax® sizes range from 500 to 6,400 bushels.  Bulk seed sites are determined and advised by Meridian’s trained dealers and offered in a variety of size configurations to accommodate your needs.  Meridian SeedMax® Bins are designed to provide the safest and most cost-effective seed storage solution, while ensuring integrity and contaminate free when handling seed.

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Underbin Conveyors

Meridian quality is in the details and our Underbin Conveyor is no different.  Our 18” Underbin Conveyor features a rod style trough design which reduces contamination risks, eliminates belt freezing and reduces friction.  Notably, the Underbin Conveyor is the most robust in the seed industry and the only one to include a quick release bottom panel for easy clean out and inspection. A Meridian must-have for any grain and seed handling operation.

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Paddle Belt Conveyors

Meridian Paddle Belt Conveyors increase the angle of operation up to 40 degrees, matching the capacity of your seed treater. The belt design is gentle on your seed with optimum hopper clean-out access while the enclosed belt return ensures long belt life. The conveyor is available in either a transport or stationary configuration.

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2000 Series Truck Load Conveyors

Meridian Truck Load Conveyors are ideal for handling seed, loading the planter and unloading bins. These conveyors are designed with a 20” Chevron belt in an enclosed 10” tube, allowing a simple and effective low tension "S" belt drive system, contouring the belt to the conveyor.  Meridian truck load conveyors are available in 45ft or 55ft lengths, and are capable of moving up to 12,000 BPH. Growers are able to choose the drive system which best suits their operation; gas, diesel or electric drive, and can be fully equipped with hydraulic movers. They come with a standard unique 5ft low profile collapsible intake hopper to eliminate leakage. With its high capacity and gentle handling of your commodity, the Meridian truck load conveyor is your best choice for farm efficiency and savings.

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Bin Fill Conveyors

For maximum speed and minimum spillage, Meridian Bin Fill Conveyors are a fast and efficient way to fill your bins.  These conveyors come with a 20” Chevron belt in an enclosed 10” tube, allowing a simple and effective low tension “S” belt drive system, contouring the belt to the conveyor. Meridian Bin Fill Conveyors are available in lengths up to 110’ in Self Propelled Gas, Diesel, Electric Drive or PTO versions, as well as a 120’ size with PTO or electric drive.  Other options include Short or Long intakes, Self-propelled mover kits, or a mounted 20-15 swing away conveyor. Meridian Bin Fill Conveyors redefine efficiency with fast but gentle handling of your grain and seed.

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Seed Express® Bulk Seed Tenders®

Meridian Seed Express® Bulk Seed Tenders are manufactured to accommodate multiple objectives and operations, with the largest selection in the seed handling industry.  We take the work out of loading seed into your planter or drill, decreasing the downtime in the field, and keeping your tractor and planter moving.  We’ve optimized our tenders for various seed products and our service begins by helping select the unit with the options and accessories to best suit your farming operation.

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Seed Titan® Box Seed Tenders

Meridian’s NEW Titan® 2XT Two Box Seed Tender features patented box guides, hydraulic drive and a trailer platform. This no-nonsense design is the perfect fit for your agri-business to offer fast and efficient seed handling and delivery.

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Truck Mount Seed Tenders

The Convey-All™ Truck-Mounted Series of Commercial Seed Tenders (CST) are used to fill floaters, fertilizer spreaders, lower air seeder commodity carts and more. The multiple compartment design allows a variety of different products to be hauled on the same trip. Using the unload conveyor system minimizes the risk of cross-contamination or product damage. Available in four different tank lengths, this series is designed to mount on your standard 34” truck frame. (Meridian’s sister company, Convey-All, is the premiere manufacturer of Commercial Seed Tenders. To see the entire Convey-All lineup, click here)

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The CST-1500 is one of the largest tenders on the market. This five compartment tender is able to transport fertilizer and/or seed at the same time. The use of conveyors, ensures no seed damage or cross-contamination. Unload at a rate of 2 tons per minute. This tender will reduce your seeding down time significantly, while giving you the versatility to use it year round. Weigh and transport seed to your air seeder in spring. Unload grain from your combine during harvest and haul product to the market any time. (Meridian’s sister company, Convey-All, is the premiere manufacturer of Commercial Seed Tenders. To see the entire Convey-All lineup, click here)

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Powered by a 50 hp diesel engine, the Convey-AllTM CST-1550 is equipped with its own hydraulic system, taking your seeding process to new levels of efficiency. Save time with the advanced, unloading belt conveyor system that ensures gentle and efficient seed delivery directly into your air seeder. The six compartment, stainless steel tank is designed to transport seed and fertilizer simultaneously without damage or cross-contamination. At an unload rate of 2 tons/min, you will reduce fill time significantly allowing you to unload a total of 1550 cubic feet in under 20 minutes. (Meridian’s sister company, Convey-All, is the premiere manufacturer of Commercial Seed Tenders. To see the entire Convey-All lineup, click here)

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Structures & Accessories

Meridian offers a wide range of structural options such as overhead drive-thru, ladders, platforms, staircases, towers and walkways to make your site as efficient and safe as possible. Make the most of your site design with Meridian structures and accessories.

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